Dry Dock

Dry Dock

We are authorized agent of “Sociber Ltd.” (Valparaiso, Chile), “Talleres Industriales, S.A.” (Panama), “Hi-Tek Marine S.A.” (Panama), “Cromwell S.A.” (Buenos Aires, Argentina) for Dry Docking and Afloat Repair.
Please request us the quotation for repair, inquiry for docking space and emergency offshore repair if needed.

Sociber Ltd. (Valparaiso, Chile)
Floating Dock – L 165m x W 24m, Lifting Capacity 10,000tons

Talleres Industriales, S.A. (Panama)
Underwater Repair, Structural Repair, Electric Repair, Motor Rewinding, Blasting and Painting etc.

Hi-Tek Marine S.A. (Panama)
Marine Electronics Services, Navigation & Communications, Marine Automation

Cromwell S.A. (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Mechanics, Electricity, Piping, Cooling Systems, Steel, Carpentry, Boiler Systems, Hydraulics, etc.

Far East Marines Services, LLC